Saturday, May 12

Like mother like daughter

So I realize that my daughter looks absolutely nothing like me. However, I see a lot of me in the way she acts (a lot of James too - like, how do neither of them ever run out of energy???). She gets really frustrated when something doesn't work that she knows should work and she starts throwing things. Ok, I don't throw things (often), but I believe her quick temper comes from me. I admit it. I'm sure there are other unattractive traits I've passed down to my little girl, but those will all just be part of her personality.

Her interests also seem in line with mine (at least for now). When we play outside, Kate goes around finding rocks, announces them ("Ooo, rock!"), brings them to me, puts them in containers, pours them on the ground, and displays them on the patio table.

The other day we were out running errands and stopped by a local nursery on our way home. It was a beautiful day and I thought Kate would enjoy walking around and looking at all of the different flowers. Well, we walked through the gate into a sea of roses and geraniums and Kate exclaimed "Ooo, rock!" She was more interested in the gravel walkways, fountains, and birdbaths than any of the flowers. But, she did enjoy herself. We walked around for about 30 minutes and I had to finally carry her out to go eat lunch.

All of these pictures were taken the other day while we were playing in the yard. Kate was really posing for the camera and looked so cute in her little skirt and hat that Nana bought for her, so I'm posting a bunch of them.


James said...

Technically, rocks are ceramics. I am also quite sure that when she says "ooo, rocks" she really wants to either melt these and make glass or crush them up to make refractory aggregate. I can hope at least.

Caroline Amanda (UMC-Student) said...

That's awesome! I laughed out loud when I read this post. I can't wait to see all of you. It's only a couple of days now....yipeeeeee!