Tuesday, May 22

Dollywood excursion

I realized when I was going through pictures that I never posted any of our Mother's Day Dollywood trip. Actually, the picture in the last post was taken at Dollywood, but I didn't mention it. We had bought discounted tickets through James's work and had to use them by the end of May, so we decided we would go the day before Mother's Day to celebrate. I really didn't know what to expect, never having been there. The day was overcast and not too warm or too cool, which made it easier to deal with the crowds - which were really only bad in the area with all the rides for small children. We had a lovely time, even with waiting in line to go to the bathroom, eat, ride rides, bathroom (pregnant woman here...). Kate had a great time riding rides. I think her favorite was riding the carousel. She was wide-eyed at all the horses. I told one of my friends we went to Dollywood and he said, sarcastically, "Happy Mother's Day to you!" but I actually had a nice time spending the day just hanging around with my family and watching Kate find excitement in all the new sights. It's hard to explain, but I often find enjoyment in unexpected places with Kate.

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