Tuesday, June 5

There's someone home!

Now that Kate is talking so much, she's really beginning to show us what she knows. She loves her magnetic letters and letter puzzles (and now even bathtub letters) but never seemed to know more than "O". Lately she has been coming up with more letters (some correctly) and sometimes replaces the letter with its associated word from her puzzles. U is "Bewa" (for umbrella) and I is "I-kee" (ice cream).

Last week she started counting along with me when I was counting something in the car. She has something against odd numbers though, as she only says two, four, six, eight, and ten. But, she also knows some Spanish numbers - "Kwako" (quatro) is my favorite!

She also will tell you her name, if you ask - "Khaki Mae!" (said emphatically, as I would say it if she were in trouble...)

It's so much fun seeing her catch on to all these new little things. But my favorite thing is her singing. She attempts the alphabet song (B,C,D,C,B,C...) and she likes doing the motions to "The wheels on the bus". But the best is her singing "God is so good", which sounds like "God i-good, God i-good" in this cute little falsetto voice. I love it! And God IS good.

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