Thursday, April 26

My new job... toddler translator

Kate has a book called "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?". It's very cute. Nana and Grandfather Hemrick got her this book a while ago, and it's one of her favorites right now (when she's willing to sit long enough to read a book). Yesterday she took it off the shelf and brought it to me to read. I was reading the title to her and she looked at me like she wanted to say it. So I said each word slowly so she could repeat it. Our exchange went something like this:
Mommy - "Hiking"
Kate - "Ah-kee"
Mommy - "Boots"
Kate - "Bootch"
Mommy - "Hiking boots"
Kate - "Apple juice!"
It was so cute and I laughed really hard. I asked her this morning to say boots and she said "bootch... Apple juice!" with a big grin. It might be a while before she actually says hiking boots. That's all right, I'll get a little chuckle every time she says apple juice for a while.

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