Wednesday, January 23

Update and photos

We're just plugging along here lately. James' parents came to visit over the MLK holiday weekend. We're pretty tired lately. Owen has gotten to the point where he almost will not sleep without someone holding him (or after he's been riding in his car seat), and it's just not possible to hold him all the time, so we'll be breaking that habit as soon as we're ready for lots of crying. Kate is still pretty rough physically with not only Owen, but James and me and I'm just about at my wits end trying to get through to her that that's not an acceptable way to behave. Not to mention that her favorite sentence lately is "Don't say me 'no'!" Uggghh!

But, no matter how frustrating, it all comes with the territory and they're still cute and fun to be around. Kate likes to sing to Owen, which is usually either ABCs or her other favorite "We are the Dinosaurs" by the Laurie Berkner band. She also likes to read stories to him or to us. When she does this, she says "One day, Mary Poppins at the trees" on every page. I don't know what "at the trees" is all about, but she evidently likes Mary Poppins. I'll try to post some video of this soon. Anyway, here are some recent photos of both of them.

My two little ones hanging out together in their PJs.

Kate ready for church in her new dress.
Is that a bow in her hair!?!

While Nana and Grandfather were visiting, we went to the East Tennessee Discovery Center and Kate had fun playing. James bribed her with chocolate to let him put her hair in pigtails.

Playing Legos with Daddy.

Nana got in on the Lego action, too.

Just watching the world from his bouncy seat.

Owen chatting it up on Kate's cell phone.

Just a funny close-up.

Owen was full of smiles for us this day!


mandy said...

He just looks too tiny to be smiling that big already! Glad you guys are doing well. Hope to see you at Connor's B-day party!

Craig said...

Love the pig tails! You need to give that girl chocolate more often! Too cute.