Saturday, January 5

Getting along

Things have been pretty busy around here lately and I haven't had much spare time to post here. I'm amazed at how little time there is between nursing, playing with Kate, and napping. We've had lots of family time over the holidays and it was really nice to introduce Owen to everyone who came to visit. He's still congested and has a rattle in his sinuses/chest, and he's now being treated for an eye infection, but overall he seems to be doing well. Here are some pictures I took today while he was alert and I had a free second with him (I've been trying to do this for over a week). I really can't believe he's already over a month old. Time passes so much more quickly with two little ones to care for.

Kate had a blast opening presents on Christmas. Nana and Grandfather brought lots and she was also kind enough to offer her gift-unwrapping services to anyone willing to take her up on the offer. She got lots of new things to play with (though she's still working on learning to play by herself). The kitchen set Grandma gave her arrived this week and we've been playing with it in our new play room/office/exercise room (do we know how to put a bonus room to use or what?). We're still getting the room put together, but it will be a nice place for everyone to play.

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Caroline Amanda (UMC-Student) said...

I love that first picture of Kate and Owen!! Finally Kate is cheesing and Owen has his Yoda face on! Priceless! I love you all!