Monday, July 16

Where, oh where has my baby gone?

Saturday night we decided to switch Kate over to her "big bed". She's been talking about it for a while and going into the guest room and pretending to go night-night in the big bed, so we went for it. I'm glad James pushed for this because I might have continued to put it off. She was just so content in her crib - always went to bed very easily and only climbed out once (after we got home from Nana and Grandfather's house, where she was climbing out of the porta-crib). We went through only 30 minutes of her getting out of bed and crying. Finally, I let her take a book to bed with her and she went to sleep on her own. We completely avoided laying down with her, as this is not a habit I wanted to continue. She's gone down fine ever since, even at nap time, but she does like to take a book with her. I can't say I really blame her. I've done that for as long as I can remember! Here are some pictures we took last night of Kate and her new bed.

Kate and Daddy reading her favorite book... about using the potty.
Seriously, where did my baby go???

This was what I got when I asked her to smile...

I'm so proud of her for doing so well with the bed switch! I just hope potty training goes as well. Kate likes to use the potty and sometimes she'll tell me when she wants to go. This isn't all the time, but usually when we're changing her diaper. So, I'm hopeful! But, if I didn't have another baby on the way, I might be getting a little depressed by all this growing up she's doing!


Rebekah, Josiah, John and Micah said...

YEA KATE! That's so awesome that she stays in bed so well. I know you feel like she is growing up so fast, but at the same time, she looks so little in that big bed! She is adorable though, and what a big cheese she gave you!

Deb Coley said...

Kate comes by reading in bed naturally! As well as her Mom, Her Grandma loves to read the night away. When she gets a little older I'll have to teach her how to read beneath the covers with a flash light so Mom and Dad can't tell her to put the book down and go to sleep!

Craig said...

Mom, just as long as you don't give her any genre advice, I think we're OK.

Man, she really is growing up! I can't wait to see her again.