Monday, July 9

Where has the summer gone!?!

Wow has time flown this summer! With all of our trip planning and then being out of town, I feel like the summer is just starting, but it's already half gone. Most of you have heard about James and my fabulous trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 10th anniversary. If you haven't seen pictures yet, I'll be sending them soon! I'm trying to decide on the best medium for that.

We traveled over the Fourth of July holiday to North Carolina for a long overdue visit with James's extended family. Thursday we spent with "GG" (Kate's great-grandma) and Aunt Martha in Graham, NC. We had a great visit with them for a good part of the day. The next day we planned to head to the beach, but we were tired after all the traveling and visiting and we had already pushed Kate to the limit as far as sleep deprivation, so we stayed around Cary for most of the day then met up with James's cousin Robin and her family at nearby Jordan Lake. We saw the new baby, who Kate calls "Baby Shelly", for the first time and had a great time playing in the water with Frankie. Kate loved it! It was really good to get the cousins together to play. After a few hours of water fun, we headed to Robin and Todd's house for dinner and more playing and Nana and Grandfather met us there. We were all pretty pooped that night! Saturday, we decided to take it easy and recuperate before heading home on Sunday. It was a great trip, and it's fun to watch Kate in so many new situations (for instance, she really enjoyed our "pic-ic" lunches while traveling) but I'm looking forward to getting Kate back on a normal, if busy, schedule. In addition to our other scheduled activities, we start swim lessons this week, so I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

On a side note, Kate is growing up so fast! She's climbing out of the port-a-crib, using the potty (sporadically for now), really singing ABC's, singing along with her children's cds (I can't get enough of her singing - so cute!), and her vocabulary has officially outpaced our translating abilities, causing some frustrating situations for everyone. In some ways I can't believe she'll be two next month, but at the same time, she's really not a baby any more.

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Rebekah, Josiah, John and Micah said...

Wow! You guys have been BUSY! And soon Kate's going to be a little fish swimming all over--have fun! We've been swimming a couple times and both the boys do really well with their little floaties. Sometimes they'll even put their head under!