Monday, February 26

Do you remember?

In case you didn't think about it, Kate turned 18 months on Saturday. A whole year and a half old. It's so hard to believe. I was looking at pictures of her as a baby and trying to remember her being so small. It was hard to remember - a good reason to have a camcorder (I guess we should get ours fixed). But, I do remember. I remember how nervous I was driving with her in the car when I first started driving again - I kept finding myself driving really slowly. I remember her sleeping in our room in a little bassinet and watching our favorite TV shows with the volume down low after she had gone to sleep. I remember that no clothes fit her tiny frame until she was at least a month old. I remember her long skinny feet and large hands. I remember how the doctors thought she looked jaundiced, and I just thought she looked like her daddy. I remember that dark peach fuzz hair, and how she would fall asleep on your chest or in your arms. I remember her tiny cry. What do you remember? Here are a few pictures to jog your memory.


Grandpa said...

I too remember her long slender feet and toes; just like Aunt Carrie's!. I also remember how much she looked like her father. And I remember how happy we all were that she was a healthy and beautiful little girl

Grandfather said...

I think the neatest thing about Katherine's birth was how the world trembled pending her arrival. You see at about 11:00 on August 24, 2005 there was a mild earthquake with the epicenter about 80 miles east of K'ville on the TN/NC border.

Nana said...

When I got the call at their house that night I was so excited I had become a Nana to a beautiful little girl. I first got to see her at about 9:00 the next morning. I was so thankful that James and Ang were blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby. It was like looking at James, almost 31 years ago. I couldn't wait to hold her. After we got her home I remember that I kept going into her room and just looking at her.