Thursday, February 8

Growing vocabulary

Kate is really starting to talk lately. Still no real sentences beyond "Hi _____" and "Mama's _____" - she's really catching on to possessions and attaches everything to me or James. It's interesting to see which things she thinks are mine and which are his. One of the remotes is Daddy's and the other is Mama's, and it's the same every time.

Some of Kate's newest words are "light" which she says when she wants to play with the switches on the wall, "play-doh", "kiss", "walk", and "potty" which sounds just like Daddy. :) It's fun to hear her try new words and she emphasizes the consonants on the ends of words, almost turning one syllable words into two syllables.

We have been walking at the mall lately. It's a good way to get some exercise, get out of the house without spending money (why we go BEFORE the mall opens...), and there's a new kids play area there. It's been great. We go most mornings and Kate can play or walk and get some exercise too.

Today we went to storytime at the library. I discovered that they have a storytime for Kate's age group, so we tried that today. There were lots of kids there. They sang songs with motions and read stories. It took Kate a little while to open up around so many new people, but I think she liked it. The storytime was in a room outside the main part of the library, so we went into the childrens' library afterwards, but I don't think Kate's attention span is quite ready for that yet. I think her favorite part of the whole experience was seeing the men putting garbage in the garbage truck when we were leaving. They waved when they saw us watching and then honked the horn for us as they drove off. So many new things to experience and learn about.

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James said...

I refer to this picture as Kate's bag lady picture. I think she looks a little old and crazy. Regarding her new vocabulary, we are working on all remotes being "Daddy's" and making a distinction between "potty" and "daddy". It could get a little confusing and dangerous if she starts saying "I want potty/daddy" and I don't know which she needs.