Thursday, March 1

Picture and a haircut... 20 bucks??

I took Kate to get her haircut yesterday. Between runny noses, peanut butter and jelly, and a little girl who WILL NOT keep anything in her hair, Kate's hair was getting pretty ratty and disgusting by the end of the day. So, I finally caved and went to the new kids haircut place near the mall. Kate became clingy the second we walked through the door, despite the table full of puzzles, barber chairs just like the airplanes and fire engines you pay a quarter to ride, and the movie Cars showing on about 10 TVs. Kate wouldn't let go of me, so I sat in a regular barber chair with her in my lap. We finally got the apron on her and the actual cutting of hair went better than I expected. I opted for the 1st haircut special - $20 gets you a haircut, certificate, lock of hair, and a picture (as opposed to $15 for just a haircut). So, after the haircut, we tried and tried to get Kate's picture, but she wouldn't look at the hairdresser. I think getting the picture afterwards took more effort than cutting her hair. Anyway, we finally got one and you can see the results below. I'm afraid she looks like a boy, but there wasn't really much alternative. My friend keeps telling me she had to do the same thing and it helped her little girl's hair grow out better. Let's hope so. She still has some curls in the back, though they were trimmed just a bit. I think she'll be wearing lots of pink!


VegasBabe said...

She is beautiful! We all have that same haircut at some point, might as well get it out of the way early.

angela said...

Thanks! I suppose your right. It's really inevitable. Anyway, it's starting to grown on me.

Elaina said...

I love the expressions...Mom with a glint of triumph of it being over, and Kate looking just a bit put out by the affair :) I think I had that haircut for years, probably for the same reasons!