Tuesday, September 29

Deceptively Delicious?

There was a huge bin of bargain books at Kroger yesterday and I couldn't help but dig through it for a little while. Actually, what caught my eye was Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook called Deceptively Delicious priced at just a few dollars. If you haven't seen or heard of this, Mrs. Seinfeld (yes, Jerry's wife) has found ways to sneak vegetables into meals to get her kids to eat more healthfully. It's an interesting idea, has anyone tried this? She still puts plain vegetables on their plates as well, so they still have to eat vegetables knowingly to learn to make healthy food choices. The book is full of recipes for kid-friendly foods to which she has figured out what kind of vegetable purees can be added that don't detract from the flavor. For a few dollars, I was willing to check it out and possibly give it a try (though probably not until I get a food processor - I'm thinking Christmas present...).

Thinking about the author made me feel pretty inadequate. She (supposedly) stumbled on this idea while making food for her baby - something I never felt quite convicted enough to trouble with. The baby she talks about is her third - I am having a hard enough time getting a meal on the table with two kids - we won't go into whether it's a healthy meal or not. She purees vegetables and makes homemade meals AND has made them enough times that they have been taste-tested enough to put in a book. Oh yeah, and she wrote a book! With three kids! And a famous, probably very busy husband! Do you think she actually wrote it?

Well, the kids are awake now (they actually slept in while Daddy is out of town - thank you, God!!) and I need to go pour some cereal. I wonder what puree could be added to that... :)


Rebekah said...

I know what you mean about feeling inadequate. I was reading some posts from stay at home moms about their fall cleaning progess. I'm sorry--what? You're cleaning and rearranging closets? I'm doing good just to get the stuff TO the closet--who cares what it looks like inside!! I console myself with the thought that if they're doing all that, there is something else they're NOT doing. There's gotta be, right??

Katie said...

You know, I bet she has a nanny, and a housekeeper, and probably a fabulous preschool. And, maybe, cooking is what she does for fun. Maybe someday, when I have more help, I can figure out what it is I do for fun, and write a book about it.

angela said...

:) Thanks for making me feel better guys!

Dixie said...

I bet someone assisted in Deceptively Delicious too! You are an awesome mom!

Rebecca said...

I think I need some of those recipes for Craig!!

Nahna said...

You can mix yogurt with the milk for their cereal and get a little novelty into things...it adds a bit of fruit and more protein, plus they would have some color. I do that for myself, on the rare occasions when I have prepared cereal.

Sounds like things are good at your home. Glad to hear about the completion of Owen's goals with PT.

Love you