Thursday, October 23

Random pictures of Kate

There has been so much going on with Owen that I haven't posted much of anything about Kate lately. Here are some random photos of her and the things she's doing lately. She has a pretty keen sense of fashion, as I'm sure you'll notice.

Ready for MDO with her (giant) princess backpack she picked out for 'school'

Playing "hopscosh" in the garage

Playing with Owen - such a wonderful big sister!

So grown up! She had gotten herself all ready for 'school' and was ready early!

Riding her trike in the garage with safety gear "in case she falls"
which she actually does - on purpose. I think she likes the sound
the helmet makes when it hits the floor (lightly).

This is the family portrait Kate drew on our trip to Oklahoma

Just one of her fabulous outfits

Kate's favorite thing to do is swing - which she can do all by herself!

Kate is a big fan of the socks-and-sandals look, and knee highs

Dancing at Greekfest

Very excited to be riding the bus to Greekfest - she loves riding the bus!


Rebekah said...

Kids fashion sense is so entertaining! I used to joke that I wanted a shirt that said, "My toddler dressed himself today." But I'd have to wash it almost every night! Besides, surely everyone knows. Surely... :)

angela said...

I sure hope so! But I always see really well dressed kids with perfect hair and wonder how that happens.

Robin said...

She is adorable and I love the socks. Isn't it amazing to see their personalities come out through dress up? Oh what fun!