Tuesday, October 21

Owen's glasses

Owen got his glasses today. Trying to get him to wear them is pretty frustrating. It can't help that he's teething and not sleeping well, so he's pretty cranky anyway. He has gotten better each time we've tried, so maybe it won't take too long to get him used to wearing them. We need to find a strap to hold them on his head and that might help. Right now, he just pulls them off pretty easily. The optician was very pleased with how the lenses turned out. His prescription can yield lenses that are very thick in the middle, but his look pretty good. They are so tiny!


Craig said...

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like me? Especially in those glasses. I'll have to have Mom find a picture, but man I really see a resemblance. Good thing too, Ang. If I'm any indication, you're going to have one good looking son... ;)

Deb Coley said...

Whoever he looks like, he looks adorable in his glasses. Just hope he can get used to them. What a cutie!! He sure stole my heart!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grandma. Whoever he looks like, he looks absolutely ADORABLE!!!!! And Kate looks so grown up in her pics, too. Angela, e-mail sometime if you get a chance. I miss talking to you!

:)Nancy (H.)

angela said...

Craig, I've always said I thought he looked like you. Though these days, I see lots of different family resemblance. He's a definite mixture of his parents, unlike Kate!