Monday, December 3

A good day

Owen started out his day by removing his IV (for the second time in two days). So, while he was "disconnected", they decided to just send him on down for his esophogram. The esophogram checked out fine and didn't find anything wrong. In addition, another x-ray showed the "something" in his upper right lung to be clearing up. Based on these two findings, they decided to stop antiobiotic treatments, keep the IV out, and to try to feed him. He did well with his first feeding and we showed up in time for his second feeding. I don't know if he was really hungry, or just has too many Coley genes (some of you will get that), but he was gulping down the bottle so they had to pace him by stopping and letting him catch his breath so he wouldn't choke it down. They had also removed his oxygen hood, so he was doing everything on his own today. We're still taking things one day at a time, but he appears to be working things out on his own so far. He looked great and it was so nice to feed him and hold him! God is good! Thank you for your continued prayers and we'll post another update tomorrow.


Jessica said...

We'll keep praying for your little one. I cannot imagine how hard this must be. We're glad that he's doing better.

Jessica, Greg, and Connor

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Owen is doing better today! Keep us updated, and I'll keep you all in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things seem to be looking up! You are in my thoughts and prayers - keep us all updated.


Marva said...

Angela & James,

It seems that Eric told me just a few weeks ago that you were expecting again and now here's Owen! Congratulations! I hope & pray that he gets better every day and can soon go home. By the way -- Kate is beautiful!


Lisa said...

I'm so glad that he appears to be on the mend! You are in our prayers and we hope to be able to see this little one soon!

Lisa (Hartzheim) King