Wednesday, December 5

Another Busy Couple Days

It looks like Owen will get to come home today. He was stable all day yesterday without any kind of assistance (IV, hood, etc.). He was doing so well that I got to go in to work for the day (oh' joy) and Angela was able to spend much of the day with him. He is feeding well from the bottle and even better from Angela. They ran his blood gas levels in the morning and they were normal, they did a chest x-ray yesterday which showed his lung was better, and he has not had any more episodes of any kind. He was doing so well yesterday that they did his circ. and a car seat test to make sure he will do fine on the ride home today. I hope to have him home by this afternoon. We will keep you posted on his progress and will post more pictures after we get him home. Thank you for all of your prayer and support. God has been good to us to get us through this and to give us great friends and family.

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Jessica said...

We are so glad that Owen is home! Greg is going to call James and see what night we can bring you guys some dinner and meet your little one! We don't want to overwhelm you, so if you want us to wait a week, it's fine!!!