Friday, November 2

Happy Halloween... Bgock!

Some of you have already seen pictures (I think James couldn't wait to send out pics of his little chickadee - I wonder who had more fun?) but I need to post them here too. I wasn't sure what to expect of Halloween with Kate this year. I was dying to make this costume for her, but was afraid she wouldn't wear it. Then, I had visions of my little brother as a toddler being spooked by all the ET costumes (remember those days??) and figured she would be too freaked out to enjoy the night. All that would be fine, I just wasn't getting my hopes up for lots of fun.

As it turned out, Kate did wear the costume I made (and had a blast making, though it had fallen apart by the end of the night...), she did some trick-or-treating with Daddy - two rounds, and was only scared by one gorilla costume and one inflatable jump-around. She even walked around the whole night wearing those silly chicken feet! She was a trooper! Hope you enjoy the pictures. By the way, to those of you who are aware of my level of creativity, I got the idea for the costume from the internet - props to Martha Stewart. There was also a comb to wear on her head, but Kate doesn't do things on her head, so we ditched it.
PS - Rebekah, do I look pregnant enough here?

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Rebekah, Josiah, John and Micah said...

Kate's chicken costume looks awesome! Great job! Isn't it so nice when things work out better than you planned? Man, I love those days! (and yes, you do look quite pregnant there...but now you'll always know but with the right angle, you can look like you're not! maybe one day you'll be looking back at that pic of you and Kate and think to yourself, "Wasn't I already pregnant with _______ by then? That's so strange, because I sure don't look like I am!")