Saturday, August 4

Weekend Without Mommy

Angela is in Nashville this weekend with Debbie antiquing. It is a much deserved break for her and time for her to spend with her mother. It also gives Kate and Daddy time together before the baby comes. I think it will be the first time that just Kate and Daddy have been alone for several nights. We will see how Daddy survives.

So, I am going to make my first post in Angela's absence. Today, we went to the "water park" at one of the county parks here in Knoxville that is on the lake. Kate loves to go there and get completely soaked even though she still does not like to get her face wet in the bath (kind of strange). I think today though she may have been more excited getting ready to go than she actually was once we got there, although she did have a grand time playing in the water and then going to see the boats on the lake. While we were getting her bathing suit on she told me she had to have her water shirt so she would not get cold (this was a problem during swim lessons at the YMCA apparently). She also had to make sure we had a towel, her hat, and her sun glasses. She has really taken to wearing these in the car, much to the amusement of the people in the cars that pull up beside us. Hope you enjoy Kate in her get-up to go the the "water park" as much as I did.

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Rebekah, Josiah, John and Micah said...

Yea James! Congrats on your first post! And the pictures are adorable, of course. But then how could you go wrong with such a precious subject?