Monday, August 20

Lack of content

I know there's fun stuff going on, but my mind has been on other things, so I haven't been posting here. It's been so hot, I've been trying to keep Kate from going stir crazy while staying out of the heat. Even Kate tells me we can't go to the playground "No go playground, Mommy, too hot!". We did go to the play area at the mall three times this week. Once was yesterday with some friends after church and we had a lot of fun catching up while the kids played. It's a great place for toddlers to play if it's not too crowded with older kids.

I though I'd go back in the photo archives and post some of the pictures Kate's Nana and Grandfather took while they were keeping Kate in June. Most (all) of the pictures are with Nana, as Grandfather is the designated photographer. I really don't think she had time to miss us while we were gone. I wonder who had more fun, Kate or N & G?

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