Thursday, November 4

Stuck in My Own Stuff

As most of you know, since last Thursday we have been dealing with Owen and the administering of intravenous antibiotics through his "pic-line" every six hours. This has really dominated our lives for the past week. It seems things swing very quickly from "this is not a problem at all" when Owen is all giggles and joy and lets us do his medicine without any problems (or better yet sleeps through it), to periods where both Angela and I are near tears as one of us holds down a screaming frightened child who is clawing and kicking while the other tries to inject syringes full of drugs into our son. To say the least we have been stressed.

Yet, when I stop feeling sorry for myself long enough look at the world around me, I can't help but feel selfish. This week has seen the death and funeral of a man in our church leaving behind a wife and young daughter. I see people dealing with things far harder than anything I have to deal with such as mother loosing a child ( There are still parents sitting at Childrens' Hospital hoping that one day their child will be able to go home. I received two e-mails this past week about children who needed prayer, one an infant who had been shot in the head and one a child born with no expectation of living through the week.

I have it pretty good and have the assurance that there is a God that has it all under control. I also know that that God uses times like these to teach and mold. I just hope Angela and I are not too self consumed to catch the lesson.

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Lisa said...

((hugs)) It's no fun dealing with a sick child and much less getting them to take medicine they don't want. Even harder to see them with IV's and wires all over the place. You guys are doing a great job and just the fact that you realize how blessed you are goes a long LONG way. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers. Hope Owen feels better soon.