Tuesday, June 22

Florida 2010

I have a few minutes between meetings while I am sitting here in Baltimore, so I thought I would upload a few pictures I have on my computer from our vacation last week.

We had a great time again this year staying at the Coley's condo (know as Grandma's condo by my kids, sorry Pat) in Palm Harbor Florida and visiting the local beaches and swimming at the pool. We went to Honeymoon Island State Park twice (I think my favorite beach in the area) and to the beach at Fred Howard County Park (not as clean, but much more natural with lots of sea life to see). The kids had a great time being in the water every day. Owen really took to the water this year and Kate was a regular fish. We also made a trip into Tampa twice. On Sunday we drove into town to attend a new start up church plant in a movie theater (a different experience) and to hang out on Davis Island and drive up Bayshore (one of our favorite streets in Tampa). On Wednesday, we ventured to the Florida aquarium and took a dolphin sighting boat ride in the bay. Both were great and we saw numerous dolphins in the bay. A few pictures from the week are below.(my favorite picture from the week)

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