Wednesday, December 17

Bah humbug!

Things have been crazy around here for the past week or so. First of all, Owen is going through some weird phase or something. He won't nap, which is probably underlying everything else, but he's also just moody. Last week, he had a few bruises on his forehead from throwing himself onto the floor and plowing into furniture. He's also rejecting me and only going to James sometimes (what's up with THAT?!?). He has always had a temper, but last week he took both hearing aids out and threw them at me in one swift motion. That's when I took him to the doctor, because something's just not right! His tubes are clogged, but nothing that I would think would cause him to act like he is. Maybe he has molars coming in and they're making him crazy... On top of this, Kate is regressing and is vying for my attention ALL the time. She's even doing things for negative attention, such as hurting Owen. Nothing that would cause injury to him, but enough to make him cry. For no reason. Plus, it will not stop raining!! I hate dragging the kids out in the rain, so we're all feeling cooped up. Everyone in the house seems to be fighting off a cold and can't get enough sleep, no matter what. I just can't seem to get into the cheery Christmas spirit this year and secretly wish it would all just be over soon. Ok, enough complaining. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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Jessica said...

Boo for times like this! I am praying for you!