Friday, September 12

All Is Well

We have been busy since Owen's surgery with packing for our trip to Oklahoma, a quick trip to UT hearing and speach (see below), traveling to Memphis to visit with James' aunt, then to Arkansas to visit with Angela's dad's cousin, then finally to Oklahoma City to await Angela's sister's return from deployment in the United Arab Emirates. On top of that, James also traveled to DC this week on business and we have been visiting with the Coley extended family in town to welcome Carrie home.

So we apologize for not updating the blog regarding Owen's surgery. Bottom line though is he did great with the tubes. The surgery went really quick and everything went well. The longest part was the time afterward during which he had to be kept under anestesia while they ran another hearing test. We were disappointed to find out that his hearing has gotten worse instead of better. He now has moderate hearing loss to moderate-severe loss. It is still correctable with his hearing aids and luckily he had an appointment already on Friday so they were able to adjust them before we left on our trip. He is doing great with them and seems to be hearing really well now that they are adjusted correctly. It took Owen a couple days after the surgery (I am sure the alteration of his schedule due to our traveling did not help), but he is back to his happy self.

Our trip has gone well, although during the trip from the Little Rock area to Oklahoma city we came near to a complete family melt down. It had been too many days in the car on too little sleep and everyone's nerves were wearing a little thin. Angela diffused the situation well with an emergency ice cream stop. Otherwise the only other excitement was when Kate threw up on James during lunch on Sunday in downtown Little Rock. We think she had just had too much sweet over the last couple days and lost it all over James (four times while he could only sit in shock). This led to an emergency clothes change for James and Kate in the downtown Marriott (note: hotel lobby bathrooms are great places for quick pit stops and clothes changes) . We will head back toward Knoxville starting tomorrow. Hopefully the trip will be the best kind, uneventful... We will try to post some pictures when we get back.

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Deb Coley said...

What a wonderful memory we will have welcoming Carrie home. It was truely a fantastic time for our family. The surprise was awsome!