Tuesday, August 19

Cutting Up and Being a Big Sister

Kate's big new thing is cutting with scissors. She will cut anything you give her (magazines, work sheets, pictures from the newspaper, things we get in the mail, etc.). Luckily I recently got a free subscription to Sports Illustrated (which comes weekly) and Golf Magazine, so there is ample cutting material. Plus, Angela found a great work book with cutting activities. Anyway, she has gotten pretty good at it. She cuts a pretty good straight line and has really progressed from when she started by cutting a little slit and then ripping the rest of the page. The first part of the video below is Kate cutting. Note the "Micheal Jordan" tongue action that cutting requires. She has made some beautiful collages that adorn our refrigerator.

The second part of the video is a typical example of Kate being a great big sister. She is really great with Owen. She watches him to make sure he does not take out his hearing aids, she plays with him and is quick to bring him toys (especially when he gets into her toys), and she loves to point out noises to Owen ("did you hear that airplane Owen...oh Owen, listen to that motor cycle...Owen, did you hear Mattie bark...). The video also displays her great imagination that never ceases to amaze me.

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Craig said...

Love the "No baby, listen. Listen to the story." That is too funny! What an imagination that child has.