Saturday, February 23

Go Vols!!!!

I thought I would take advantage of the big game today (No. 2 University of Tennessee at No. 1 Memphis) to get some fun pictures of Kate. Really, I just wanted some pictures to taunt my Aunt and Uncle in Memphis with. What good is a kid if you can't use them to express your support of college athletics or political causes (the "Go Obama" pictures will be posted next week...just kidding). Exclaimer: No animals were hurt in the making of these pictures and Angela had nothing to do with this.


Sara said...

Go Vols!! #1 baby!! Kate is so cute!

Jennifer L. said...


Although I haven't seen you since, I think, Christmas '06 at church (!), I've been loosely following you and the family via your blog. So to sum up, belated congratulations on the birth of Owen, and he and the rest of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer Lehto